Connecting Women in Business

IE Divas Connection is an organization that offers help and wisdom to aid these business professionals in the process of launching their businesses. We provide small grants toward expenses for start-ups in the Inland Empire Area. Due to the high unemployment in this area, we felt that as an organization we could enhance our neighbor's lives and contribute to the financial growth of our community by helping people to start their own ventures. We do it by providing a platform for these individuals to sell their products at our events. They are also given the opportunity to network and learn from each other, as well as the presenters that speak at these events.

We would like to provide a place that women can go to receive education, information, and assistance with getting their businesses off the ground. Our goal is to provide a large enough space to hold our events so that we can showcase our vendors that we have invested in, and promote their businesses.

Seed money, Start-up cost
I.E. Divas was formed in 2010 by Adetra Jones-Wallace & Cathy Brown, our goals are to connect women in business by offering vendor opportunities to help them enhance their entrepreneurship. We want to educate women in business and support them on their path to become successful business owners. In 2011 we started our annual Mother’s Day event, where we provide families  the opportunities to honor their mothers for the outstanding job they did for their families. We also give out an impromptu surprise award to mothers, called the Ollie Pearl award. Over the past five years we have been able to honor more than 30 mothers, and help women to feel good about themselves and the important rolls they have played in their family's lives. See our upcoming events below. Click on the buy now button to purchase your Mother's Day Brunch Ticket.

A non-profit organization, that enables women to grow, through education, seed money and opportunities for the public to see their products.